Under the Same Sun: A Collaborative Mural Connecting Singapore and Indonesia

May 17, 2021

Living in different countries  but dreaming and working “Under The Same Sun”, Singapore artist ZERO and Indonesian artist Stereoflow transcend geographical boundaries with their latest two-part mural. The artists became friends years before, when graffiti communities in Singapore and Jakarta could meet actively, socialize and share ideas. Now, the pair’s chemistry is evident in the seamless conceptualisation of the mural despite working digitally and remotely.

Design of both Stereoflow and ZERO's mural stitched together

The two-part mural is what the artists term a ‘remix’. Both artists have incorporated the others’ style and symbols in their execution in Jakarta and Singapore. The concept is inspired by people’s  unity  going through the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic regardless of where they are. The mural also  reflectes our desire to travel and reconnect with family and friends..  It reimagines what travelling inwards could look like, in a time when leisurely outbound travel is not recommended.

The artists use connecting lines and symbols that act as a gateway for travelling both time and space. ZERO showcases Candi Bentar (a traditional ornamental gate in Indonesian culture) that doubles as a portal in his artwork, while Stereoflow features a silhouette of the Gardens by the Bay supertrees and the iconic architecture of the ArtScience Museum in his part of the piece.

Incorporating these icons project hope for the future of travelling across borders through recognisable landmarks, while the deconstructed self-portraits in the mural represent the current scenario of exploring internally.. What’s more, artwork also pays tribute to the power of imagination - it’s possible to travel anywhere in your head...if you put your mind to it!

Under the Same Sun on Bali Lane, Kampong Gelam Singapore

Stereoflow shared, “ZERO had this idea to add his signature realist-style elements to the Indonesian side of the puzzle - this is what we call a ‘remix work’. I’m happy that he entrusted me with it since I’ve been painting in an abstract style for quite a long time, allowing me to step outside my comfort zone!”  

See “Under The Same Sun” along Bali Lane in Kampong Gelam, Singapore, and in Jakarta’s M Bloc Space, a creative complex in the south of the city.

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