Calling All Artists: Hall of Fame at Kampong Gelam is Open to New Submissions

August 27, 2021

First unveiled in April 2021, the Hall of Fame at Kampong Gelam has established itself as one of the largest outdoor mural experiences in Southeast Asia. Spanning a collective 238 metres along Bali Lane and Ophir Road, the five-metre tall noise barriers currently feature the works of 17 Singapore-based artists. They include local graffiti art pioneers like Hegira and Slacsatu, familiar names such as Jaba and ZERO, as well as rising stars Studio Moonchild.

Dem working on The Journey on Ophir Road

And in the true spirit of public art, the precinct is inviting interested artists to use Singapore’s only Hall of Fame as their canvas, and to visualise novel ideas that can sustain conversations the Hall of Fame has started.  

On their experience in painting amidst the hustle and bustle of Kampong Gelam, many positive remarks were overheard by this year’s artists:

“Being in this area and having this artform grow here has allowed for easier conversations with the masses. Having them see the process of creating the walls and artists painting, (means) people are somehow more friendly and they stop by to actually start a conversation with you about that. And those conversations, then spark better opportunities.” 

- DEM (@papa.dem) at 01:59:00 in Episode 1: The Kampong Spirit

This open call is a chance for artists seasoned and fresh to experiment with a metal canvas situated prominently in the public’s eye. Interested artists simply have to submit their mural concept and sketch at ​​ A cultural panel of artists and art managers will shortlist submissions, contacting artists via email. The mural painting process and procedures will be communicated upon selection.

Keen? Here are some tips to getting started on your mural concept:


What is the story you’re trying to tell? Why is its placement relevant to Kampong Gelam? 

Think Why 

Why is your piece a mural and not any other art form? How can the medium of a large-scale mural artwork elevate the artistic statement you are trying to make?

Be Respectful

Artworks should uphold Kampong Gelam’s integrity towards the intersection of art, culture and business. Any  portrayal of nudity, vulgarities, violence, or other behaviours that are socially viewed as unacceptable will not be selected.

Deadline for submission is 30 September 2021. Only shortlisted artists will be notified by end October, 2021. 

Should you have any questions or comments, email

Featured image by SlacSatu (left) and Sei10 (right).

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