Led by One Kampong Gelam, the association representing and supporting the interests of stakeholders in the precinct, Hall of Fame @ Kampong Gelam is an initiative that is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Land Transport Authority, GS Engineering & Construction Corporation and Blu Jaz Cafe.

The production is managed by art programming consultancy, MAMA MAGNET, with marketing and communications by studio Nomadic Collective and UI/UX digital studio, Convey.

About One Kampong Gelam

Established in 2014, One Kampong Gelam is committed to representing and supporting the interests of various stakeholders in the neighbourhood. The organisation is represented by an executive council comprising 14 members, and since its inception, has positioned Kampong Gelam as a lifestyle destination, along with curating activities and events to engage locals and tourists alike. For more information, please visit visitkamponggelam.com.sg

About Hall of Fame @ Kampong Gelam

Home to traditional businesses and the iconic cultural landmarks, Sultan Mosque and the former Sultan’s palace, Kampong Gelam naturally became one of the city state’s arts and cultural hubs. It was gazetted as a conservation area in 1989 and was a popular spot for catching performances like wayang kulit and ketoprak in the past.

Over the decades, artists, musicians, and business owners have maintained an organic growth for the thriving and diverse urban arts hub we know today. Murals and street art sprouted in Kampong Gelam as early as 2010, many of which were commissions pioneered by business owners. The addition of Southeast Asia’s first official graffiti Hall of Fame strengthens Kampong Gelam’s position as Singapore’s leading street art precinct and the country’s largest open-air gallery.

Spanning a whopping 131 metres along Bali Lane and 107 metres along Ophir Road, the five-metre high Hall of Fame is set to be one of the most prominent street art experiences in the region. Originally erected as noise barriers for ongoing construction works, the metal canvases will become an evolving stage for the best muralists from Singapore and eventually, the world.
This world-class Hall of Fame celebrates vibrancy, diversity and a freedom of expression, as large-scale artworks are painted in an array of signature styles. Kicking off the production are 17artists, ranging from established faces to rising names, who have set the bar high for the quality of murals to come:



Boon Baked


Delphine Rama

Didier 'Jaba' Mathieu



Jojie Atomick






Studio Moonchild